Employment Application

If I come to work for EndevTec, what can I expect?


Our Mission

At EndevTec, it is our mission to design and develop technology solutions for individuals and business clients that are cost effective, more efficient, and encompass all computer, network, and communication challenges.


It is our job and privilege to provide our clients with the best technology experience possible.


Providing Solutions & Managing Experiences

EndevTec designs and manages technology projects beginning with the cabling and infrastructure, the computer workstations and network, and ending with communications and phone system.  All our technicians are expertly educated in their division, and then cross trained in other divisions to provide total project understanding and expertise.  EndevTec is a growing company emerging in Southern Nevada designing and successfully implementing these total technology solutions.


The EndevTec Way of Thinking…

EndevTec stays ahead of the standard in Southern Nevada for companies competing in our industry.  We do this by keeping our employees at the top of their game through multiple training experiences, company events, and competitive pay.  We care about our employee’s success and well-being and enjoy giving back what we receive from our people.  But, this all takes the right kind of person and the right attitude!


At EndevTec, customer service is not just a term – it’s a mindset!  Whatever we can do to be of service to our customers, we do.  From carrying systems through the front door, to wrapping their holiday gifts we are eager to serve and make their day better.  Computers, networks, and phone systems can be troubling.  It is our job to take the frustration from our clients and turn it into an award-winning experience.  To accomplish this, you must be willing to be on time every day, work hard, expect overtime, perform job-related duties you may not want to, listen to and solve client problems and issues, and be more than willing – if not happy – to do so.  It will be your job to be of positive service to clients and co-workers.


Our way of thinking is not for everyone.  If you doubt you can work with this mindset, please end your application process here.


Otherwise, click here to continue in our hiring process.