Here’s what you can expect when joining the EndevTec team:


Benefits at EndevTec

  • Employer-Paid Training
  • Competitive Wages
  • Company-Paid Healthcare
  • Employer-Paid Certifications
  • Company Tools
  • Support Staff
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Free Coffee and Pantry
  • And more!


Dress Code

Appropriate Business Attire Policy provides a professional work environment with more individual responsibility.  Employees are representatives of EndevTec.  It is EndevTec’s opinion that business attire contributes to a professional environment.  The manner in which people dress is synonymous with the commitment to the quality of the organization.  EndevTec does not want to be overly specific in defining appropriate business attire.  Clothing should be neat and in good taste.  It is expected that all EndevTec employees comply with the following dress policy:

  • Business attire or uniform is the preferred dress. For men, business attire is defined as shirt with a collar and slacks. For women, business attire is defined as dresses and/or dress pants/shirts.
  • Inappropriate attire would include worn-out jeans (of any color), stretch pants, dirty tennis shoes, worn-out shorts, sweat suits, tights, halter tops, warm-up suits, hiking boots, tee shirts, shirts without collars, or any other casual attire.
  • Tattoos will be covered at all times. No facial piercings allowed. All accessories must be kept in good taste and at the discretion of management for safety and presentation.
  • Hair must be kept managed and neat. For men, short hair, no more than collared length and facial hair must be well groomed and trimmed.


Additional Requirements Include…

  • Background Check
  • DMV Check (if driving required)
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History Check
  • Verification of Employment History
  • Verification of Education Status
  • Verification of Previous Job References
  • Technical Test (if technical position)
  • Learning more about EndevTec!


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