Managed Services

Harnessing the potential of your technology requires a healthy system and a team of professionals dedicated to your success.  Managed services is a unique approach to IT service.  As a Managed Services Provider, our objective is to manage your technology in a fashion that maximizes technology return on investment, minimizes downtime, and boost employee productivity.

Managed Service vs. Traditional Service

Managed service is responsive.  Traditional service is reactionary.  The difference between between being responsive and reactionary can mean a great difference to the success of your business.

Consider the following scenario.

Your business server has been operating great for months.  Sunday morning at 7:00AM, just one day before an important meeting with a key client, the hard drive system fails with no apparent warning.  You and your staff cannot access critical documents, email, and other systems vital to your success.

The Traditional Response

With a Traditional technology service provider, you aren’t even aware of the problem until Monday morning when staff begin to arrive.  You struggle to reach your IT provider when you find they don’t even open until 9:00am that morning.  When you finally do get them on the phone, they state the next appointment is tomorrow morning leaving you to put together a makeshift presentation without the right information at your fingertips jeopardizing the “big” meeting.

The Managed Services Approach

Now, consider the Managed Services approach.  When the server hard drive system fails Sunday morning, Endevtec is notified automatically.  Because the situation is an emergency, we contact a pre-determined individual at your company to report the situation.  Emergency service is setup for Monday morning, and with a Endevtec technician onsite before staff even arrive, your system is brought online with just enough time to prepare for the “big” meeting.

That’s the difference between
a Response and a Reaction.

Endevtec Managed Services means


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