The Geeks

Endevtec is a group of dedicated professionals.

Adam Kerrigan

After graduating in 1999, Adam Kerrigan entered the professional workforce of Information Technology with a healthcare provider in Las Vegas.  As the junior IT specialist, he continued his education and training until he was hired as the IT Director of a professional education union in the Valley where he oversaw and managed technology needs as the organization grew to incorporate multiple offices and communication technologies.

In 2009, he left the private employment realm and entered the world of entrepreneurship to form Kerrigan Enterprises Corp which acquired Endevtec.  Since then, Adam has led Endevtec and his vision remains focused on dedication to clients.  Adam enjoys family, dachshunds, sci-fi movies, gaming, and traveling.

Austin Whitley

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Austin Whitley went through school with a passion for technology.  As a driven individual, Austin has an honest desire to learn everything he can.  While in high school, Austin took special courses in Computer Programming and was the lead programmer for the Robotics team, leading up to graduation in 2009 where he graduated second highest in his class.  Austin then explored the creative world of starting his own business.

After a year in the realm of entrepreneurship, Austin decided to change his focus back to education.  He went off to college and got a degree in computer networking.  He then began a Bachelor degree in Cyber Security.  He sought out and found that he needed something else to further his knowledge even more.  Austin began work at a fantastic company called Endevtec. He finds new things every day to learn and improve his skillset.  Austin will not stop learning and developing new skills.  His long term goal is to learn everything and anything there is to do with computers.  His personal interests are gaming, coding, action movies, and football.