Backup & Disaster Recovery

We’re betting your business relies on data.  Whether it’s a customer database, financial and accounting package, email, or other business critical applications, data is vital to your operation.  Furthermore, data integrity and availability are paramount.  As it’s often said: “We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.”

Data defines our relationships

Backup and Disaster Recovery are at the heart of business technology planning and integrity.  Data defines our relationships and when data disappears, naturally, it jeopardizes our business relationships.

Unfortunately, data loss is a very real part of life because of a number of reasons.  Imperfect technology, user mistakes, theft, damage, environmental disasters, and more threaten your data.

Thankfully, there are solutions to minimize these threats.  From simple offsite data backup to advanced server virtualization, Endevtec has the ability and options to secure and protect your data in a way which fits your budget and meets your goals.

Losing data hurts.

Allow us to take the “ouch” out of data loss.

Endevtec Backup and Disaster Recovery means


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